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George Boole Examinations Book: Item Description

George Boole Examinations Book: Item Description

The George Boole Examinations Books has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.    June 1850 - Oct 1874

Hardback journal with mss and printed examination papers set by George Boole (Professor of Mathematics), Queen’s College, Cork. Some are glued onto its pages, others written directly onto the page of the journal. Some papers have mss mathematical [answers] to the questions. Cannot be certain if complete set of all papers set by Boole, but subjects covered are – simple equations, decimal fractions, differential calculus, spherical trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra and geometry, maxima and minima, Third Year’s Science Scholarships, etc. Present are examination papers set after the death of Boole (in 1864), and a mss pages of mathematical calculations towards the back of the journal. Includes blank book purchase forms for the Library, QCC, but written on reverse are mathematical equations and graphs.

144pp & 9 enclosures