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Seat Booking: Boole Q Floor Quad Reading Room

Seat Booking

Boole Library Quad Reading Room

Boole Library Quad Reading Room offers seats on the Q (Ground) Floor of the Library.

Seat booking is Mandatory in this Reading Room. Please do not occupy a seat without first having booked the seat and then ensure you check into the seat.

This Reading room is accessible both during and at set periods outside of the normal Library Opening Hours. To access this room when the main building is closed, swipe in at the outer door using your UCC ID and have your booking confirmation email available to show the invigilator on duty.

Please click the button to check availability and to make a booking for this zone .


Use the map below to explore the zone and make your booking from there. Simply click on the icon for more information.

Click here to check availability / make a booking

Please note , the map below has zoom and move capability. Use you mouse wheel double click to zoom or pinch and zoom on touch devices.

Terms & Conditions of use

  • Only UCC registered students and staff can book seats.
  • Students and staff seeking entry to the library must have a valid UCC ID card.
  • Each slot is 30 minutes long and you can book up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.
  • You must check in when you arrive at the booked seat, by scanning the QR code or using the URL link posted at the space. You will receive a check-in code in the confirmation email you receive at the booking stage. If you do not check in within 15 minutes of the booking start time, your booking is automatically cancelled. This seat becomes available again for anyone to book and you may be asked to vacate the seat to facilitate a booking.
  • Cancel your booking if you know you will not make it in, to allow other patrons the chance to book. The cancellation link is in the same confirmation email.
  • Please do not move furniture.
  • Please cooperate with cleaning staff if they ask you to move your belongings.
  • Take all your belongings with you when vacating the seat

How to Book a Seat in the Quad Reading Room.

How to Check in to Booked Seats