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Seat Booking: Home

Overall occupancy levels of library buildings have been reduced to facilitate social distancing. The number of people entering the buildings is monitored, subject to a one-in-one-out approach. Patrons can still come into the library to browse and borrow or print, without having to reserve a slot. However, if you want to study at one of the designated reading desks for a period of time, you must book a seat.

There are 411 bookable seats in Boole Library, spread across 5 floors, and 60 in Brookfield (BSHS) Library. 

The new Reading Rooms on Q+1, Q+2 and Q+3 are temporarily closed in order to conserve energy. All other reading spaces in the Boole Library remain open for seat bookings.

Please read the Terms & Conditions of use below carefully and see our Reopening Policies for more information. We appreciate your cooperation while you use the library. Thank you.


Terms & Conditions of use

  • Only UCC registered students and staff can book seats.
  • Students and staff seeking entry to the library must have a valid UCC ID card.
  • Each slot is 30 minutes long and you can book up to a maximum of 11 hours per day. Some spaces have extended opening times.
  • You must check in when you arrive at the booked seat, by scanning the QR code or using the URL link posted at the space. You will receive a check-in code in the confirmation email you receive at the booking stage. If you do not check in within 30 minutes of the booking start time, your booking is automatically cancelled. This seat becomes available again for anyone to book.
  • Cancel your booking if you know you will not make it in, to allow other patrons the chance to book. The cancellation link is in the same confirmation email.
  • Please do not move furniture.
  • Please cooperate with cleaning staff if they ask you to move your belongings.
  • Take all your belongings with you when vacating the seat

How to Book a Seat in Boole and Brookfield Library

How to Check in to Booked Seats

Brookfield (BSHS) Library

Brookfield Library has 62 bookable seats across 2 floors/zones, Ground Floor & Basement.