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Seat Hogging Campaign

by Mary Keane on 2018-11-12T09:07:00+00:00 | Comments

From the 19th November the library is rolling out an initiative to tackle the problem of students leaving seats unattended for long periods.

This campaign, which will run up to the start of the exams, is in response to student demand for a fairer seat occupancy system at peak study times. (see survey comments below)

Student monitors will patrol the library at random times and leave notices at unattended seats.  If after 1 hour the seat is still unattended, they will move items to a box nearby.

Any queries can be addressed to

Comments from the most recent library Survey include:

"There should be consequences for people putting their stuff on desks and then disappearing for hours, it's unfair on the people that actually go in to the library to study"

"People save seats for people and it is unfair as half desks are nearly always vacant but there are books there"

"A lot of people leave books on tables for the whole day on study week and never show up. There should be a limit of an hour and if nobody shows up you can put their books on main desk and use their seat".

"If a student is gone on a break for longer than 1 hour, books should be removed to allocate a space for another student. It is very unfair that seats are reserved for hours while nobody Ian using those facilities"

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