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Library Services: Reading Lists

Reading Lists Online

UCC Reading Lists Online is a service provided by UCC Library, using Keylinks software, that will give students direct access to course readings via Canvas. Lists can contain all the  resources that you expect your students to engage with during your course, including e-books, book chapters, e-journal articles, television programmes, web resources, and multimedia. Students can link  directly to these resouces from the module area in Canvas. They can also link to the library catalogue giving real time information on print book availability.


How to use Reading Lists Online: Academic Staff

During the initial phase of the service library staff will create your reading list for you . All you need to do is:

  • Register your module on this page
  • Send the list, in whatever format you have it, to

You can structure your list in to suit the module structure and delivery or you can arrange your readings by the importance of each item (Essential, Recommended etc;)

You can also create your list on One Search in the 'Search our Holdings' box below and email it directly to us.

We will create the list and send you instructions on how to place the link in Canvas. If you need to update it later we can do it for you or show you how to do it. We accept lists at any time.



Search our Holdings

How to use Reading Lists Online: Students

Your online reading list provides access to the recommended readings on your module - including availability in the Library, access to online resources and scans of recommended chapters.

Access your reading lists by going to your module on Canvas and then clicking on the 'Reading Lists' menu item on the left of the screen.


Why should I send my Reading Lists to the Library?

  • During the initial stage of the project any material on your reading list that is not stocked by the library will be ordered from a dedicated reading list fund that is supplementary to the Department’s book fund.  This will increase the amount your department has to spend on learning resources.

  • Reading lists are an easy and convenient way to organise and structure required course reading. Having your Reading Lists Online will ensure that all modules have a reading list available to students via Canvas

  • The lists are easily created and managed. Library staff will create the initial list for you and send instructions on how to add it to the module area in Canvas. We will show you how to create, update/edit the lists as required.

  • Online Reading Lists improve the student experience in accessing and engaging with content on their reading lists and ensures that library provision of required resources meets the teaching and learning needs of students and academic staff.

  • The Reading list service will provide usage data which will inform academics in the creation of future reading lists.

  • The Reading list service facilitates virtual access of module content thus supporting online teaching & learning.

View a List

See an example of a Reading List by clicking here

How to Add a Reading List to Canvas?

What some icons on the list mean


Check library catalogue

 Get full text electronically.

 Check for other formats.

Reading List Process

We process lists in the order we receive them and work through them as quickly as possible.

Reading List Contact Details

Please contact us at