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The Eoin MacNeill Collection: Item Description

Eoin MacNeill Collection: Item Description

The Eoin MacNeill Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.    19 April 1916

Mss (handwritten) cover letter, signed by Eoin MacNeill to Mrs. McKean, on the military plan (not included here) for the suppression and disarming of the Volunteers (in the context of an Irish rebellion) prepared by the British Government that had come into the possession of MacNeill. In the letter he notes specifics e.g. “Archbp. Walsh to be imprisoned in his own house”. MacNeill insists that the plan, that was to become known later as The Castle Document, must be circulated as widely as possible throughout the country as the {British} “Government will not allow this to be published”. It is written on headed notepaper of Ógláic nh hÉireann / The Irish Volunteers.