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Library Re-opening

UCC Library is committed to reopening both Boole and Brookfield libraries as soon as it is safe to do so: the safety of library users and staff is the chief guiding principle. Read more about our plans and schedule for re-opening our Libraries .

LGBT Studies: EndNote Training


UCC Library has a site licence to EndNote and it is installed on all student and library PCs. Email for details.



Installing Endnote

Endnote X9 is available for Staff and Students on Campus / University PCs

It is installed on all student PCs on campus. For staff computers the software is available on your Software Center


EndNote X9 is now offered to students and staff for free to download to their personal PCs/laptops and Macs Click Here For PC users please make sure to follow carefully the instructions in the pdf below

Citing & Referencing

There are also some useful books and ebooks in the library on citing and referencing. For example:

Important Information Regarding EndNote

As we are cancelling our site licence to EndNote on 31st August 2020, why not download your free copy now

Your copy of EndNote is yours to keep but make sure to sync your library with your online account. This is so important as it stores safely all your references in the cloud. It means if you ever use a different copy of EndNote you can sync it with your online account and all your references and data come back. You can also use your online version in its own right so if you change laptop and don’t want to buy EndNote in the future you can continue adding references and citing them in Word with much the same functionality as the desktop version. Its easy to change the Cite While You Write toolbar in Word to the online version (preferences and then application, or for Mac under Tools)


If in the future you buy a new laptop and want to continue using the desktop version

You can upgrade or buy a new copy of EndNote here

You can get support here

Getting started and training videos here


EndNote Video Tutorials