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UCC Library Green Energy: "You smoke, I smoke"

Information on UCC Library's Green Energy Campaign.

Smoke Pollution

Smoking outside the entrance to the Boole Library had  been common practice for quite some time. 

This practice became a major issue for students using the nearby Quad Reading Room, as smoke was wafting in.

Discouraging people from smoking outside the door was the starting point of the LOL campaign.

If the response was positive and this initial campaign was a success, then we would be confident rolling out the broader campaign, knowing that students generally wanted to "do the right thing.”

You smoke, I smoke Campaign

A trial “You smoke, I smoke” campaign was run in May 2017 to deter people from smoking at the entrance to the library.


The campaign, run under the theme of “Love our Library”, used signage with a simple polite message, asking people not to smoke at the building entrance. 

People generally heeded the signs and moved away from this area to smoke.

Bin the Butt!

In order to encourage people to smoke at a distance from the Library entrance, we moved the two litter bins that had been located at the doors.

Posters and signage at the entrance discouraged people from smoking there and redirected them to where the bins were in a - we hope - friendly manner.