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UCC Library Green Energy: What do you think?

Information on UCC Library's Green Energy Campaign.



You can send any feedback to us These are some of the comments we have already received from staff and students:

"The “Love our Library” led by the green library team is an inspiring action amongst our students and staff, as well as the wider community.  This campaign has been instrumental in broadening participation in the Green Campus programme across UCC, and speaks directly to the university’s strategic aim to embed sustainability into all aspects of our operations" John O’Halloran, Deputy President & Registrar, UCC.

'I am delighted at the collaboration and partnership that is evident in the successful outcome of this pilot project. The Library Green Team, University Energy team, and Students' Union have all worked together and can be considered a model of good practice in bringing forward UCC's sustainability agenda and accompanying culture change which is now widely recognised, both within and external to UCC ' Colette McKenna, Director of Library Services, UCC Library.

"I would like to pass on my congratulations and appreciation to you and your staff for the wonderful initiative to ban single use coffee cups.  This is in no small way a major contribution not only towards the reduction of waste but in changing and challenging attitudes towards our individual responsibilities for the sustainability of our environment." UCC student.

“What a wonderful achievement.  I am so impressed with the promotion of reusable water and coffee containers. Once people get used to it, it will become the new normal.  Well done to all concerned.”  UCC staff.

“Congratulations to all on this initiative - great achievement!”  UCC student.

“What a fantastic achievement! Congrats to you all in the Library for pioneering the initiative and to all on the Green Team”. UCC staff.