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UCC Library now Re-opened.

Both Boole and Brookfield BHSL Libraries have re-opened with the safety of Library users and staff as our chief guiding principle.

Please see our policies and important changes regarding re-opening here

Special Collections: Reprographics

Special Collections is home to manuscripts, older printed books and unique & distinct collections.

What is Reprographics?

Reprographics includes photocopies, printouts, digital images  and scans. Reprographics may occur depending on the size, format and condition of the material. Reprographics may not be permitted if an item is too fragile or if UCC Library is not the copyright holder. Please seek permission from staff first before using any device to copy. 

Please read the notice displayed near the book scanner in the Rare Books Reading Room. You can also read the Copyright & Related Rights Act 2000 for further details.

Irish Copyright Law allows users to copy material under 'fair use.' There are certain restrictions:

  • only a reasonable portion can be copied
  • material must be for private study
  • sufficient acknowledgement must be given

Users can bring their own cameras (no flash photography is permitted) to take images of material at no cost. Use of mobile phone and tablet cameras is permitted. The appropriate reprographics form must be completed for each item copied. Staff can explain this process on the day of your visit. Consent from UCC Library is required for any other use, including publication (printed or online).

Copying Theses

UCC Library does not hold copyright for any thesis. Therefore theses cannot be copied by any means. The only way to copy a thesis is with written permission from the author. Special Collections will only accept written permission from the author stating that the requestor is able to copy a thesis. The written permission must also state what is the permitted method for copying.

Reprographic Forms

If images are taken by the user for private study/own use, then a reprographics application form needs to be completed for each item copied. The forms for private study/own use depend on the nature of the source material:

  • Unpublished Material for Research/Private Study 
  • Published Material for Research/Private Study 

If images taken by the user for publication, then a reprographics application form needs to be completed for each item copied. The forms for publication depend on the nature of the source material:

  • Reproduction for Publication

In addition if reprographics are required for publication then permission to use the material must be sought from the Special Collections Librarian.

The forms are available from the Special Collections Desk and must be returned there upon completion. 


All users: There is no charge to use the book scanner.

UCC Staff: Should staff require Special Collections staff to scan material then charges will apply for the service. This administrative fee is to be based on units of time. One unit = up to 15 minutes. As it is a service VAT will be also added.

For remote users of Special Collections:

  • Contact us with your reprographics request. We will forward you a quote dependent on method of reprographics.
  • Photocopying is only available to remote users. 
  • Scanned images will be forwarded either by email or via HEAnet Filesender.

What is a Publication?

The following can be considered a publication:

  • Published research
  • Lecture and PowerPoints
  • Websites & digital resources
  • Film, video or broadcast
  • Conference Paper
  • Public display or exhibition
  • Merchandise
  • A blog post or any other type of social media post.


Citation Style

The preferred citation style is: Special Collections, UCC Library, University College Cork.

Manuscript example citation format: Lss. Number. Title of excerpt. Title of manuscript if present. Special Collections, UCC Library, University College Cork.


Citation format for the above image: Ls. 90. Beatha Finnchua. Special Collections, UCC Library, University College Cork.  

Opening Hours

Face-to-face services at Special Collections & Archives have resumed in a limited capacity as of 20 July 2020: Monday-Friday 10-12:45. Please note that we will have reduced capacity due to social distancing measures, and access will be by appointment only. Walk-ins and same-day requests will not be possible. To book items & a workspace please click HERE.

If you have any queries relating to our collections please email This email address is monitored regularly.

UCC Library's new Scan and Deliver Service is now live! Submit a request and we'll scan a book chapter/journal article and deliver it to you via email. There will be limited access to material from Special Collections. Every effort will be made to fulfill requests but this may not always be possible due to availability, copyright restrictions, size and condition of materials.