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IReL and Open Access: Royal Society of Chemistry

IReL, the Irish Research eLibrary is a nationally funded electronic research library. IReL also seeks to secure open access agreements with publishers.


The IReL-RSC agreement (1 Jan 2022 to 31 Dec 2024) provides read access to current content from a fixed list of 27 RSC journals. Check eligible journals on IReL's list of all journals included in IReL open access agreements.

The agreement also ensures that articles accepted for publication in all hybrid RSC journals are can be made available open access, without the author paying an article processing charge (APC). Note there is a limited quota. Once the 2024 allocation is used up, Accepted articles will not be offered IReL-funded OA for the rest of 2024. 

The 2023 allocation ran out in early November

Instructions for Authors

For your article submission to be included under the agreement, you must be the corresponding author and affiliated to 'University College Cork' at the time the article is accepted for publication. During the article submission process you must correctly identify your institution as 'University College Cork'. You must use your UCC email address, and not addresses from other domains.

Note: There is a limited quota of APCs which will cover a projected 50%-60% of participating member output per year. Authors who are not offered OA under this agreement have other options for making their works open access: either uploading a copy of your manuscript to the institutional repository (see RSC’s Green OA policy), or paying an APC to make the published version OA.

See publisher page.

Authors can continue to make their articles available using the Green open access model, subject to the journal’s policy. Deposit the accepted manuscript in CORA UCC's open access repository. Contact the CORA team at

Who to contact in UCC

For queries about Open Access agreements and IReL resources, please contact:

For more general queries about Open Access:

What journals are included?

Any of the journals RSC class as hybrid (all journals except gold open access journals and Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP).

Note: There is a limited quota of APCs which will cover a projected 50%-60% of participating members output per year.

Further information