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Find a book on the shelf

The call number or classification number is the number you need to find a book on the shelf.  Books in UCC Library are organised in number order from 000 up to 999.

  • Books are organised on the shelves in call number order.
  • When you search for a book on the catalogue, it gives you the call number.
  • It is on the spine of the book, followed by the first 4 letters of the author's surname.
  • Books with the same call number are about the same subject.
  • Books with different titles or different editions can have the same call number so make sure you get the book you want.

Please note that for Special Collection Items , you can search here and make a request to view the item.

Call Number Shelf Search

To find the shelf where a book is located , please enter the 3 Digit call number of that book below and choose from the options returned


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