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Enabling the development of digital and information skills for all

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UCC Library offers classes to students in key resources and information and digital literacy skills to enable them to develop as independent, lifelong learners. This happens in a number of ways:








    · Introduction to UCC Library
    · Finding academic resources
    · Citing, Referencing & Plagiarism
    · Literature Review - searching the literature
    · Internet for Research
    · Referencing Software

    Available to all students via the Library website. Students can self-enrol in these modules as they wish
    Embedded into academic modules by lecturers

  • Classes on a range of information literacy skills, and on using specific databases or resources for your subject area, in collaboration with the Learning & Teaching Librarians.



  • Special Collections and Archives

    Our diverse collections of rare printed books and unique manuscripts can be used to support teaching within the University. The Special Collections Librarian and the Library Archivists provide a number of classes embedded in specific modules.


    Research Data Management

    The Research Data Coordinator offers a range of regularly scheduled training programs and workshops to help staff and students effectively manage research outputs before during and after a project. She can also provide tailored workshops for research groups


    Publications impact

    This class looks at tracking citation performance for individuals and groups – useful for researchers and academic staff


    Digital Skills

    Classes are available to foster the development of digital literacy and digital fluency attributes. For more information, visit the Digital Learning webpage


Please note : You must be logged into your canvas account to access the downloads.

To import a UCC Library module into your own Canvas course:

  • Log on to Canvas by clicking here and then return to this page to access the downloads
  • Search for module or follow the direct link provided
    Image as below for easy identification:
  • Click on Import/Download on right-hand side of page
  • Go to your own course
  • Imported module will be at bottom of your page.


Direct Links to Modules shared to Commons for download 

Digitised Course Readings

UCC Library is offering a service from the Digital Content Store (DCS) whereby academic staff can request copyright compliant scans of chapters of books and journal articles which can be uploaded to the DCS and accessed by students from a link in Canvas.

Canvas Modules

Canvas modules provided by UCC Library will help with research.

These modules can also be embedded into academic modules by lecturers.

Subject Guides

Check out the subject guide for your subject - advice from your Liaison Librarian on books, journals, databases and other resources useful in your subject area

Open Access Books on Learning & Teaching in Higher Education


Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Creating and Contributing to Scholarly Conversations across a Range of Genres

offers detailed guidance to scholars at all stages—experienced and new academics, graduate students, and undergraduates—regarding how to write about learning and teaching in higher education.

by Mick Healey, Kelly E. Matthews, and Alison Cook-Sather

Center for Engaged Learning 2020 ISBN: 9781951414047

Open access PDF 4.2 MB


Shaping Higher Education with Students – Ways to Connect Research and Teaching

Forging closer links between university research and teaching has become an important way to enhance the quality of higher education across the world. As student engagement takes centre stage in academic life, how can academics and university leaders engage with their students to connect research and teaching more effectively?

by Mina Sotiriou, Vincent C.H. Tong, and Alex Standen.

UCL Press, 2018, ISBN: 9781787351110

Open access PDF 15 MB


A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

Is it possible to bring university research and student education into a more connected, more symbiotic relationship? If so, can we develop programmes of study that enable faculty, students and ‘real world’ communities to connect in new ways? In this accessible book, Dilly Fung argues that it is not only possible but also potentially transformational to develop new forms of research-based education.

by Dilly Fung

UCL Press, 2017. ISBN: 9781911576358

Open access PDF 2 MB


Developing the Higher Education Curriculum: Research-Based Education in Practice

A complementary volume to Dilly Fung's A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education(2017), this book explores 'research-based education' as applied in practice within the higher education sector.

by Brent Carnell & Dilly Fung

UCL Press, 2017 ISBN: 9781787350878

Open access PDF 15 MB