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Newspapers: Getting Started

Current and Historical Newspapers from Ireland and abroad.

Spotlight on Newspaper Databases

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Irish Newspaper Archive is the world's largest online database of Irish newspapers (national and regional), from which it is possible to search, retrieve and view Ireland’s past in the exact format it was published. 

 The Irish Times Digital Archive is a fully searchable exact reproduction of all editions published by The  Irish Times from 1859 onwards. Access is also available to the front file, covering 1995 to date. 

About Newspapers

Newspapers are a very important resource as they contain news, opinions, advertisements and other items of contemporary or historical interest. UCC Library holds a large collection of newspapers both in print and electronically, both current and historical and which covering Irish and overseas newspapers. There are English language (Irish and international), Gaelic Irish, other European language and Asian language newspapers.

Recent issues will be available in the original print edition. Recent issues are located on Q floor of the library. Contact Library & IT Services Desk for further information.

Older issues may be available in print, but more typically will be reproduced on microfilm. Older historical newspapers are located in Special Collections. Newspapers on microfilm are also located in Special Collections. Contact Special Collections for further information.

UCC Library databases provide many recent and older issues in full-text.

The Revolution Papers (1916-1949)

The Revolution Papers (1916-1949) is a unique collection of Irish newspapers. The Easter Rising of 1916 was the beginning of seven turbulent years in Irish history. Week by week, The Revolution Papers brings the reader the most important Irish newspapers from that time, reprinted exactly as they appeared almost one hundred years ago. These newspapers may be: 

  • national and local newspapers
  • newspapers from south and north
  • republican, nationalist and unionist newspapers; banned newspapers
  • Irish newspapers from America

These newspapers allow the reader to access from all points of view the historic events as they were making the news.

Each issue of The Revolution Papers comes with background and commentary from today's experts on Irish history, helping the modern reader to increase our understanding of this most important chapter in Ireland's past.

Note: Text taken from The Revolution Papers' website.

Selection of Newspapers Available

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