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Current and Historical Newspapers from Ireland and abroad.

About Printed Historical Newspapers

Historical newspapers in print are kept in storage and must be requested. Please contact to request a newspaper in print. 

For further information on how to request items such as newspapers from Special Collections see Special Collections & Archives Appointments Service.

Example of Bound Newspapers

Bound volumes of The Irish Catholic

Examples of bound volumes of The Irish Catholic. The Irish Catholic has been published in Dublin since 1888. It began as The Irish Catholic (5 May 1888-11 July 1891) but changed the title to The Irish Catholic and Nation on 18 July 1891. The title reverted to The Irish Catholic on 13 June 1896.

Alfred O'Rahilly (1 October 1884-1 August 1969) founder of Cork University Press in 1931 and president of University College Cork in the 1940s contributed many articles to the newspaper.

Information pertaining to The Irish Catholic may be found via The Newspaper Database on the National Library of Ireland's website.

InterLibrary Loan Material

For locating historical citations from newspapers, you can try Google News Archive. After identifying citations, check if UCC Library holds the newspaper and if we don't, request it from InterLibrary Loan.

Reference Sources

The Waterloo Directory of Irish Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900 is a directory to the largest single body of historical documents arising out of nineteenth century Ireland at the height of the British Empire. The Directory provides a comprehensive, detailed and useful bibliographical record. It is subject-comprehensive, intending to include every periodical and newspaper published on a regular basis, from daily to annually, in every language, within Ireland. This is a gold-mine for cultural historians, genealogists and all subject specialists. Newspapers and periodicals were more than one-hundred-fold the volume and readership of printed books.

Cover to Waterloo Directory of Irish Newspapers & Periodicals, 1800-1900