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Official Publications: Getting Started

This guide brings together key resources for Official Publications

What are official publications?

Official publications are materials issued for public use by federal, national, provincial or municipal governments and intergovernmental organisations. They include Parliamentary papers, debates and proceedings, and publications of government departments, agencies and research institutes on any subject. They consist of policy documents, official statistics, research and practice reports, development plans, regulatory and guidance materials and primary and secondary legislation.

Definition from : British Library

Official Publications at UCC Library

This guide will help you access material which you will need for your course.

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The Official Publications section of the Boole Library is located on Q+2, the 2nd Floor.  It houses documents and reports produced and published by official bodies, such as governments, national institutions and Irish and International Organisations. There are four sections: Ireland, United Kingdom, EU and International.

The majority of new items are published online, whilst some items are not produced in print at all.  

Detail from the mural "Government" by Elihu Vedder in the Library of Congress