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Vision & Plan 2024 - 2028

UCC Library has a strong reputation in delivering excellent support for students, researchers and the community. It has extremely high rates of satisfaction from both students and staff and is well regarded across the sector for its approach to sustainability.

The development of a new 5 year vision and plan for UCC Library is timely, allowing us to respond to ‘Securing our Future’, the new UCC Strategic Plan for 2023-2028 and set a new direction for the Library. In a world where academic libraries are facing a range of complex and disruptive challenges, an active, transformational approach is needed. Over the next five years, there will be significant change to how we operate to best service the needs of our community. This document will be your guide to understanding our strategic direction and how it aligned with University’s Strategy. I would like to thank the many staff, students and stakeholders of the University who contributed to the development of this new plan. This has been a collaboration from the start, and I owe a debt of gratitude to the Library team, for their enthusiasm, creativity, and support throughout.


University Librarian


Audio Version of Vision and Plan , available for download

Vision & Plan 2024 - 2028


Click here for the English Version Cliceáil anseo don Leagan Gaeilge

Our Vision
The library stands as a trusted partner, building a place for discovery, curiosity and innovation.

—UCC Library
Vision & Plan 2024 - 2028