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Newspapers: Historical Newspapers - Microfilm

Current and Historical Newspapers from Ireland and abroad.

About Newspapers on Microfilm

For further information on how to book microform reel(s) and a microform reader/printer/scanner see Special Collections & Archives Appointments Service.

Special Collections has extensive historical newspaper collections on microfilm. Collections include:

There are a variety of different types of historical newspapers on microfilm:

Consult the listing of newspapers below to find out which microfilm cabinet the newspaper is in.

Example of The Public Register or Freeman's Journal on Microfilm

Special Collections has the full run of The Public Register or The Freeman's Journal (1763-1924), better known as The Freeman's Journal. It was the leading nationalist newspaper of its day and it was the primary media supporter of Charles Stewart Parnell in the 19th century. Below is the first issue of The Freeman's Journal.

Freeman's Journal on microfilm reader

What Microfilm Is

         Example of microfilm box

Microforms are any forms, either films or paper, containing microreproductions of documents for transmission, storage, reading, and printing. Microform images are commonly reduced to about one twenty-fifth of the original document size. 

Microfilm comes on a reel and is stored in microfilm boxes.

Yikes -- what is this stuff?

Never worked with microforms before? Fear not, we can help... For in-person assistance, see the the staff at the Special Collections Desk or email

Reference Sources

NEWSPLAN: Report of the NEWSPLAN Project in Ireland details which newspapers are available on microfilm and where the microfilms are available.The volume covers newspapers from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

An updated version is available via the National Library of Ireland's Newspaper Database. This also provides bibliographical listings and locations of extant files of Irish newspapers held in the National Library of Ireland, the British Library Newspaper Library, as well as in public libraries, universities, archives, and newspaper offices throughout Ireland.

Cover to Newsplan