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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Eikon is a set of software products provided by Thomson Reuters to monitor and analyse financial information. It provides access to real time market data, news, fundamental data, analytics, trading and messaging tools.
Access is available with a username and password – please ask at the Library & IT Desk on the Q floor, or at the Q+2 Information Desk in the Boole Library.
N.B. Please log out after use by clicking on the orange button on the top left hand side. Then click on ‘Close’ at the bottom of this menu to sign out.
MyiLibrary eBook Collection is migrating to Ebook Central, 25th April 2018
Due to the upcoming retirement of the MyiLibrary platform, ProQuest are migrating our MyiLibrary ebook content onto their Ebook Central platform next Wednesday, April 25th 2018.

Please note:
• Once our titles are migrated to Ebook Central, our MyiLibrary account will no longer be active.
• There won’t be any downtime during this migration.
• Existing MyiLibrary ebook links will redirect to Ebook Central.
• After titles are migrated, pre-upgrade bookshelves will not be available.

You can preserve your book notes by following the instructions at the following link before April 25th:
Nature Masterclasses provides training in scientific writing and publishing, focused on the natural sciences. Covering the entire scientific publishing process, the course is comprised of 15 modules, which includes ‘bite-size’ videos and short exercises.

a) Access is limited to on-campus use only.
b) The ‘Register via your Institution’ (red button) option is not currently available.
Science of Synthesis is the only full-text resource for evaluated methods in synthetic organic chemistry. It focuses on the most effective and reliable methods for functional group transformations and contains evaluated and detailed experimental procedures.

There is also a "special topics" section. This contains volumes on certain subjects grouping together specific reactions and themes, for example Asymmetric Organocatalysis, C-1 Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis, C-H Activation and many more.

Please contact Anita at with your feedback on this resource.
This trial ends on the 31st of May, 2018.