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IReL and Open Access: Taylor & Francis

IReL, the Irish Research eLibrary is a nationally funded electronic research library. IReL also seeks to secure open access agreements with publishers.


As of 20 October the limited Taylor & Francis fund is now fully used. Authors of accepted manuscripts will not be offered IReL-funded OA for the rest of 2023.

The IReL-Taylor & Francis agreement (March 2021-2023) allows eligible corresponding authors in participating institutions to publish articles open access upon publication at no extra cost.

Authorised users in participating institutions will have read access to all Taylor & Francis journals from its Social Sciences & Humanities and Medical collections. 


Instructions for Authors

For your article submission to be included under the agreement, you must be the corresponding author and affiliated to 'University College Cork' at the time the article is accepted for publication. In the article submission process you must correctly identify your institution as 'University College Cork'. You must use your UCC email address, and not addresses from other domains. At the time the article is accepted for publication, the corresponding author must be a current staff member or student with a participating institution.

For articles accepted from Wednesday, March 31 2021: eligible corresponding authors will be invited to make their articles open access on acceptance. Pending approval by a participating institution, the article will be published OA. If an author’s request is approved, T&F will notify the author by email. If the request is not approved, the author can then choose to either a) fund the APC (article processing charge) through a different source, or b) publish the article subscription, which does not require the payment of an APC. See:

Note. There is a limited annual publishing fund. Once the maximum article allowance for 2023 is reached authors will not be offered the option to publish open access at no cost, as the eligibility recognition will be switched off at that point.

As of 20 October, this quota is now fully used. Authors of accepted manuscripts will not be offered IReL-funded OA for the rest of 2023. 

What journals are included?

  • Over 1,900 T&F Open Select journals (hybrid journals). Most, but not all (see list of excluded journals), of T&F’s hybrid journals are included. 
  • Fully open access (Gold) journals. 
  • Check eligible journals on IReL's list of all journals included in IReL open access agreements.

Who to contact in UCC

For queries about Open Access agreements and IReL resources, please contact:

For more general queries about Open Access:

Further information