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UCC Reading Lists Online is a service provided by UCC Library, using Keylinks software, that will give students direct access to course readings via Canvas.

Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists for Canvas


UCC Reading Lists for Canvas is a service provided by UCC Library, using Keylinks software, that will give students direct access to course readings via Canvas.

Reading Lists For Canvas provides easy access to your reading lists for each module. Your reading list can show the location and availability of print books in the library and direct links to digitised chapters, e-books, and journal articles. 

Other resources such as videos and links to databases and websites can also be included. Lists can be arranged by category, such as 'essential' and 'recommended', divided into topics or arranged by date.


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How to use Reading Lists Online: Academic Staff

During the initial phase of the service library staff will create your reading list for you . All you need to do is:

Register your module on this page
Send the list, in whatever format you have it, using the form below

You can structure your list to suit the module structure and delivery or you can arrange your readings by the importance of each item (Essential, Recommended etc;) Please send your Word or Excel files via the form below. We also accept .ris files. These are files generated by referencing software such as Zotero and Endnote. Just choose to export them in .ris format and send us the file.

You can also create your list on One Search in the 'Search our Holdings' box below. Search for the items you require and for each item click the "Save this Item" icon . When you have chosen all items , click the list at the top and email it to with the module code in the message section of the email.

We will create the list and send you instructions on how to place the link in Canvas. If you need to update it later we can do it for you or show you how to do it. We accept lists at any time.




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Submission Form

Digitized Course Readings

When you want to place a scanned extract from a book or a print journal on your Reading List for Canvas, for use by students studying a particular module, just complete the form below and submit it to the library. (Please note you must have registered your class details first) Details will be checked against the DCS for copyright compliance. We will then scan the item and upload it to the DCS. This will generate a link which we will send to you to place on Canvas. The link can only be used for the course for which it was requested. If you want to use the same  article for another course just let us know. The university must own a copy of anything to be scanned. If we don't currently own a copy we may buy a copy or buy a copyright fee paid scan of the article from the British Library.

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