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3D Scanning: Home

Information on the 3D scanning service in the Digital Scholarship Studio.

3D Scanning

Digital Scholarship Studio
UCC Library, Boole Q+1

UCC Library offers the Students and Staff of UCC a 3D scanning service.

Scanning is carried out in the Digital Scholarship Studio on Q+1 of the Boole Library.

This is a free service that does not require previous experience to use.

Scans can be for academic projects or to simply learn a new skill.

Patrons utilizing this service will overview 3D scanning with our staff and get hands on experience using our scanners. At the end of the scanning process, you will be provided with a 3D model. The 3D models provided can be in the following file formats; OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY, P3 and 3MF (More information on file formats).

These models can be 3D printed through the library 3D printing service, integrated into Virtual Reality (VR), visualized in Augmented Reality (AR), used for animation, reverse engineering etc.

Please note: UCC Library does not offer a post processing service, but suitable software is available in the Digital Scholarship studio.  

Interested in scheduling a 3D scanning session? 

Please fill out this form and a staff member will be in touch to coordinate a meeting.

3D scanning can be time consuming, and it is easiest to anticipate spending at least an hour scanning one object, between setup, scanning, and clean-up.


The Digital Scholarship Studio has two Shining 3D scanners. The EinScan SP and the EinScan HX

EinScan SP

The Shining 3D Einscan SP is a desktop 3D scanner that uses structured light technology. It does not have a handheld option.

EinScan Sp Desktop Scanner

Click here for Scanner Specs

EinScan HX

The EinScan HX is a hand held scanner with two scan modes: Rapid Scan and Laser Scan.

EinScan Sp Desktop Scanner

Click here for Scanner Specs

3D Scanning : Further Information