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Cork Nautical Chart: Item Description

Cork Nautical Chart: Item Description

The Cork Nautical Chart has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.       5 Aug 1775

Printed nautical chart of “The South Coast of Ireland from Cable Island to Gally Head surveyed and navigated by M. MacKenzie, Senr.” with a scale of 6 English miles, and a diagram of the magnetic meridian and true north. The map does not include any table grid but has various numerical figures and letters along the coastline representing information of nautical significance. Interesting is the depictions of human habitation – Cork, Cove {sic} and the fort nearby, Kinsale and Charles Fort, and the island off Clonekilty {sic} (Inchadoney Island). Printed on the top left hand corner is “Chart IV see page 8”. Printed along the bottom of the map is “The Stream of Tide along this part of the Coast runs not above one Mile an hour when strongest, except near Head Lands, where Spring Tides run about Three Miles an Hour.” Also on reverse are mss pencil numerical calculations.

59.5cm x 128cm