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Lamb Collection: Item Descriptions

Lamb Collection: Item Descriptions

The Lamb Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.    25 May 1795

Paper ink and colour map showing part of the lands of Killcoleman, Barony of Kinalmeaky, County of Cork, containing 240 acres 3 roods and 20 perches English measure surveyed for William Lambby [Patrick Ahern]. The map shows the Bandon River (blue colour) and road (yellow colour) directions from Bantry, to Clonakilty and to Bandon. Noted are the size and location of the lands of Killcoleman of Dennis McCarthy, Mrs. Holland and John Lamb. Also noted are lands Desert Glebe, Dromavane and Maubeg. Includes directional magnetic meridian and true {north/south} meridian.

37.5cm x 53cm

2.    6 Mar 1844

Mss letter from Richard MacDermott, 41 York Street, Dublin to [W.] A. Lamb, Kilcoleman Park, Bandon relating to searches and legal opinion on Lamb’s statement of title of lands in Kilcoleman. MacDermott requests Lamb provide further information on when other members of the Lamb family with interest in this land came of age. Includes an additional letter from Walter Lamb to “Papa” [ W. A. Lamb] updating him on how things are  progressing “we have Murrays signature to the agreement with some additions” and mentions deaths locally from scarlet [fever] “Two of Somers Payne sons dead one the clergyman at Bantry and the other Lord Bantrys Agent”. The letter is addressed, stamped with one penny stamp and wax seal, is badly torn and creased.


3.    8 Dec 1880

Mss letter from R. Fogerty (District Architect), The Representative Body of the Church of Ireland, Glebe Dept., Limerick, to Rev. W. Lamb, Bandon, confirming that the Rep. Body will pay for the repairs to the roof of the Glebe building.


4.    10 Mar 1891

Mss letter from T.T. L. Overend, 12 Ely Place, Dublin, to Rev. Walter Lamb, apologising for not replying sooner but he has been unwell with “a heavy influenza sort of cold”. He has heard that [Keig]’s health has not improved and “as his illness has lasted so long…I am afraid the poor fellow cannot have much strength left”.