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Library Studio: Library Studio

The Library Studio is a multi function audio and video recording studio

One Button Studio

The Library Studio is a fully automated video recording studio that allows you to record video presentations onto USB keys. There’s no need to adjust the lights, settings, the camera or anything else. 



This room is only bookable when using the three service offerings below:

  • Green Screen Video Studio
  • Multi-Person Podcast Studio
  • Podcast Room

Important Information

  • You will need to bring a USB that is ExFAT compatible and which has at least 4GB of memory free.  
  • Each minute of recording uses 3.3GB approx.
  • As the studio uses a green screen don’t wear any green clothing as this won’t be picked up by the camera and will be see-through. 
  • The studio can be used for assignments; however, enough time needs to be left to overcome any possible technical issues.   
  • Please turn off the lights when you’re finished in the Studio. 







Click here to book the Library Studio:

Click below for a PDF file with BASIC instructions and information on:

  1. How to use the Library Studio
  2. ExFAT USBs and Video Compression
Link to PDF on How to use the One Button StudioLink to PDF on ExFAT USBs and Video Compression


  1. Please do not interfere with the equipment or software. Your details are included on the booking to ensure traceability, should either be tampered with. 
  2. Respect your booking time and leave the room when your booking is complete. 
  3. Leave the room as you found it, bringing your rubbish and recycling with you. 
  4. Leave bags in storage bays provided and hang up garments on the coatrack.  
  5. A minimum of 2 PEOPLE MUST BE PRESENT in the room, at ALL times, for health and safety reasons. 
  6. Keep the door closed and the Recording light illuminated when you are in the room. 
  7. Food and drink are not allowed in the Library Studio. 
  8. Library Archive staff may need to access room B08b, within the Library Studio. We appreciate you giving them access as soon as is convenient. 

Contact Us

The room is a self-service facility but if you have any questions or want to report a problem please ring 490 2677 or email

If calling from the phone in the Studio just ring the extension number 2677.