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Submission of Exam Papers : Guidelines


The system for uploading examination papers has changed. All submissions must now be uploaded using the Exam Submissions process as outlined by the SREO below

  • Please ensure when completing the form that the Module Code, Academic Year and Exam Session are correct as this will be used to organise the papers.
  • Papers must be made available in MS Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF formats.
  • You may upload copies of Paper 1 and Paper 2 for the same module during a single upload session.
  • Please note that DSS have outlined that MS Word formats are the preferred format for accessability.
  • Ensure that files are not password protected. 
  • Remove MCQ portions of the examination paper as these may be used again by some departments. 
  • If a paper has questions from several lecturers, please send a copy of the final version of the entire paper. 
  • Where possible, please submit exam papers through one central person in the department for ease of follow-up, if necessary.

Examination papers are the copyright of University College Cork and may not be distributed or sold outside the University without express permission. 

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