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Library Re-opening

UCC Library is committed to reopening both Boole and Brookfield libraries as soon as it is safe to do so: the safety of library users and staff is the chief guiding principle. Read more about our plans and schedule for re-opening our Libraries .

Please see our policies regarding re-opening here

Guidelines for Submission of Exam Papers: Home

Submission of Exam Papers : Guidelines


Email address for submission of exam papers :

  • It is preferable to receive examination papers in electronic format to speed up the process of uploading to the library website.
  • In order to further speed up the process, please send the examination papers in PDF format, naming each file using module, season, year.  
    For example: AC3042Aut2019​;  BL3002Spr2018;  GG1002Sum201​7;  EC1104Win2016     
  • If PDF is not a viable option, then MS Word is the preferred option. 
  • Always send a separate PDF file for each examination paper, i.e. do not combine multiple papers into one large PDF file. Please feel free to send multiple PDF files/papers attached to a single email. 
  • Files need to be separated according to season/semester.
  • Ensure that files are not password protected.
  • Please check the Examination Papers section on the library website before submitting new papers to avoid re-submitting papers already published. 
  • Remove MCQ portions of the examination paper as these may be used again by some departments. 
  • If a paper has questions from several lecturers, please send a copy of the final version of the entire paper. 
  • Where possible, please submit exam papers through one central person in the department for ease of follow-up, if necessary.

UCC Library Exam Papers Online