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Floor Maps: Q+3

The Library is a large building with many spaces available for you to use. We have these floor plans available for you to find the area you are looking for. The plans detail table numbers for those who have booked seats , the location of groups study roo

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Multimedia Players

You can watch DVDs on one of the DVD players in the Multimedia area on Q+3 of the Boole Lbrary. Go to one of the booths with a DVD player. For group viewing, book a study room and connect up a laptop to the large screen.

Energy Pod

UCC Library now has an Energy Pod on Q+3 near the Multimedia area. It is a reclining chair where you can either relax or nap for up to 20 minutes. A short nap can refresh you and increase alertness and productivity*.

Q+3 New Reading Room

Old Reading Room

Open Computing & Group Study

Group study rooms must be booked in advance

Berkley Centre

The Berkeley Centre on Q+3 in the Boole Library is a restricted, swipe-access reading room that can be used by Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences postgraduate students. This is a quiet reading room with large reader places.