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Goldberg Collection: Home

Personal library of Gerald Goldberg.

About the Collection

The collection comprises 470 books + 1 videocassette tape. A significant portion of the collection relates to Joycean studies and editions of Joyce. The collection is predominantly 20th century based with a small number from the 18th – 19th centuries.


The collection prefix before the call number is: Goldberg.

Biographical History

Gerald Yael Goldberg (1912–2003) was a solicitor, politician and a scholar. He received LLB in UCC in 1934 and a MA in 1968. He was awarded an honorary LLD in 1993. He was a patron of the arts, who assisted (amongst others) Aloys Fleischmann and Joan Denise Moriarty. He published several books and pamphlets on antiquarian themes including Jonathan Swift and contemporary Cork (1967) and he contributed to Bernard Shillman’s A short history of the Jews in Ireland (1945).


The collection was donated by Gerald Goldberg in 2001/2002.

Collection Highlights

One of many Joycean items in the collection

Bowen, Zack. Bloom's old sweet song: essays on Joyce and music. Gainesville : University Press of Florida, 1995.

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