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Sociology: Journals and Databases

Library Resources for Sociology

What is an Academic Journal?

A 'periodical' or 'serial' = any publication published regularly (includes magazines, newspapers, newsletters).

A ‘scholarly’/academic’ journal:  periodical containing research articles, that is peer-reviewed, and aimed at researchers.

Peer review: every paper/article submitted to the journal is reviewed by independent experts. Papers are accepted/rejected based on quality.

Journals and eJournals


Find specific electronic & print journals by searching the Journal Portal  (Search 'Journals' from the Library homepage).  Browse  Sociology  journals to get an idea of what is available.


Top Multidisciplinary Databases

Theses & Newspapers

For access to UCC theses and theses from other Universities refer to the Theses Guide. For information about Newspapers in UCC Library, and newspapers available through Library databases, see the Newspapers Guide.