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Modern rare or limited edition works.

About the Collection

The collection was formed originally from the general stock of UCC Library and new items continue to be added to it. The collection consists of post-1850 books which are rare, unique or of special interest e.g., out of print and valuable, signed by an author of note, special printing, fine bindings, artists' books, zines, special formats or first editions.

The collection prefix is: X.

Collection Highlights

Illustration from 'The buried life of Deirdre' by Eva Gore-Booth

Gore-Booth, Eva. The buried life of Deirdre: with twelve illustrations. London: Longmans, Green And Co., 1930.

This is a limited edition: np. 227/257 and it was presented by Gore-Booth's partner Esther Roper.

Book binding for 'The Heavenly Twins' by Sarah Grand

Grand, Sarah. The heavenly twins. New York: The Cassell Publishing Company, 1893.

This is one of Grand's 'New Women' novels and it forms one part of a trilogy with Ideala and The Beth Book. The Heavenly Twins examines the inadequacy of female education. The publisher Blackwoods refused to publish it because syphilis is central to the plot. In his role as publisher's reader George Meredith provided advice for the publishers Chapman & Hall, and he turned down The Heavenly Twins. The novel was first issued privately, and then was reprinted by the publisher William Heinemann. Within its first year of publication (1893) it sold nearly 20,000 copies and the American edition sold 100,000 copies.

Decorative paper covered boards: A Vision of the Mermaids by Gerald Manley Hopkins

Hopkins, Gerald Manley. A vision of the mermaids: a prize poem dated Christmas, 1862 ... now for the first time printed in full. London: Humphrey Milford, 1929.

The original was published in 1862 and this is a limited facsimile edition of it. The limited edition print run was 256 and this is no. 156.

Front Cover to Catharine Sedgwick's 'Irish Girl'

Sedgwick, Catharine. The Irish girl: and other tales. London: Slater, 1850.

Catharine Sedgwick was a 19th century American writer whose career was writing. Sedgwick turned down various marriage proposals so that she could focus on her writing.

Galway, Conor. Towards the Dawn. Dublin: Talbot Press; London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1919

Gertrude Gaffney used the pen name 'Conor Galway' for her works. This is her only novel.

Zines from the Wayfarer Press

The train zine. [New York?]: Wayfarer Press, [2019].

The sea: [zine]. New York?]: Wayfarer Press, [2019].

These are examples of zines.