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Cuala Press Collection: Item Descriptions

Cuala Press Collection: Item Descriptions

The Cuala Press Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

If you find material relevant to your research, please note the call number(s) and click here to arrange an appointment to visit.

A hard copy of the list is also available for consultation in Special Collections and Archives within the Boole Library during our opening hours. These hard copy Descriptive Lists cannot be borrowed from the Library.


1.  27 Jan. 1922

MSS letter from Elizabeth C. Yeats, Cuala Industries, Ltd., Churchtown, Dundrum, Co. Dublin, to [Mr. Rahy] informing him that they do have a copy of the book “[From Year]” he asked for and its price. She also mentions that they will be publishing shortly a small volume of poems by her brother, W. B. Yeats, followed by “a prose book by A.E. (George Russell)”.


2.  20 April 1938

MSS letter from Elizabeth C. Yeats, Cuala Press, 133 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, to Mr. Donnelly, thanking him for his letter and payment. She sympathises with him on his trouble with newspapers. She promises to ask her brother (W. B. Yeats) to autograph a new book, mentioning that he is visiting Lady Dorothy [Wellesley], Sussex, England, who edited the 1937 Broadside with him. She mentions the Donnelly is also a writer, and of her wish to buy more books. She writes of her cousins in New Zealand, Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Johnston, Auckland, and their son. She mentions other Cuala Press publications including a book of translation of Irish poems by Frank O’Connor, and of a new dramatic festival held in the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. She regrets Donnelly did not meet A.E., and that her brother’s health has improved though he must “be careful & live on a very restricted diet”. She writes of his (Yeats’) family, mentioning Ann who is doing some design work in the Abbey Theatre.


3.  18 Aug. 1939

MSS letter from Elizabeth C. Yeats, Cuala Press, 133 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, to Mr. Donnelly, congratulating him on becoming editor of “The [Timaru] Herald” (New Zealand). She lets him know which publications are sold out or going to press. She thanks him for his sympathy on to the death of her brother, W. B. Yeats – “its hard to believe even now that someone so vital is not still alive”. She ends the letter by mentioning that she is going to Co. Cork for a “badly needed holiday”.


4.   11 Oct – 15 November 2004

Letters from Ann Elder, Auckland, New Zealand, to Professor Seán Ó Coileán, Dept of Modern Irish UCC, concerning the purchase by UCC Library of her father’s copy of the Cuala Press Broadsides of 1908 –1910. She refers to letters (see above) from Elizabeth Yeats to her father which confirms the provenance of the items and which she is willing to donate.

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