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Delahoide Collection: Item Descriptions

Delahoide Collection: Item Descriptions

The Delahoide Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.   28 June 1736

Counterpart of Lease. Edward Berwick of the City of Cork to William Delahoide of the city of Cork, a small field, part of the Broomfield in the Parish of St Mary, Shandon. It is bordered to the North by a windmill, the property of Delahoide. Leased for a term of 84 years at an annual rent of £6, payable in two moieties on the 25th Sept and 25 March.


2.   13 Dec 1753

Lease. Thomas Farran of the City of Cork to Moses Newsom, Linnen (sic) Draper of Cork City, a house “wherein the Widow Loughlin now dwells…..situate on the North Quay in the North Abbey of the City of Corke”. Leased for a term of 56 years at an annual rent of £8 payable in two moeities on the 29th Sept and the 25th March.


3.    20 May 1762

Mortgage. Francis Rowland of the City of Cork, Merchant, to Thomas Delahoide, City of Cork, Merchant. Sarah Marshall, nèe Bond, nèe Hodder, by her will directed legacies amounting to £600 to be raised on the lands of Cunmahon, Curraghmore and Killeagh, Barony of Fermoy, and Ballyrosheen in the Barony of Duhallow, to be paid to Mrs. Mary Farran, Mrs Elizabety Tisdall, Jane Farran, Hannah Farran, Mrs Boyle Davis and Harmer Spratt. As her executor Harmer Delahoide now mortgages those properties for £600, to be repaid to Rowland within 1 year with interest of £6 per hundred.

2ff (2 copies)

4.   7 Feb 1770

Levy unto a Fine. Harmer Delahoide and Elizabeth, nèe Bury, his wife, levy unto John Digby of Cork, a fine of ¼th part of lands of Carhinimor, Carhinibeg, North Ardelahane, South Ardelahane and Ballynacarrigg, Co. Cork and 1/3rd of Ballyshoniybane and Tubbermurry, Co. Limerick, all lands held by them under lease.


5.   27 June 1772

Copy lease. Francis Townsend of Clogheen, Co. Cork to John Donoghue of Tralony, Co. Cork, the “Demense or the Threes Gneeves” and half of the lands of Tralong, Knuckmuchafinns, including the mansion house, lands currently held by John Sullivan. Leased for a term of 99 years at an annual rent of 335 to be paid in two moieties on the 1st November and 1st May.


6.   3 June 1791

Assignment of Mortgage. Edward Rowland of Cork, heir to the late Francis Rowland, to Peter Deane of Cork. Whereby Harmer Delahoide took out a mortgage of £600 from Francis Rowland to pay legacies left by Mrs Sarah Marshall, of whose will he was executor, Edward Rowland now for the sum of £600 sells on that debt and interest in the lands posted as security to Peter Deane.