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Ethna Byrne Costigan Collection: Item Descriptions

Ethna Byrne Costigan Collection: Item Description

The Ethna Byrne Costigan Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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March 2011 Accession:

1.   1948-1950

Copies of a typed and bound [text] book French Prose Composition – Extracts from Modern and Contemporary Writers for translation into French selected by Professor E. Byrne Costigan, M.A., D-es-L. Writers included are Thackery, Bronte, Hardy, Sitwell, etc. One copy notes the academic year when the prose was used. Includes a National University of Ireland examination results form for 1st Arts and Commerce: French, University College, Cork, listing only the candidate’s number and name. No results are given.   

3 items

2.   18 May [ND]

Mss draft of an [essay/article entitled] “More about Marie-Claire” written in English. It seems to be a critique of a book review from Blackwood’s magazine on the novel Marie Claire or L’Atelier de Marie-Claire by Marguerite Audoux It is signed at the end Mary Ryan, [Ronayn’s] Court, Douglas, Co. Cork.  6pp

3.   [ND]

Notebook containing mss research notes, lists of reading material in French and English.   


4.   [ND]

Hardback copybook containing mss notes/comments on the book Le Grand Siècle by Jacques Boulenger.   

148pp & 8 enclosures

5.   [ND]

Typed [essay] entitled Le Jeu de la tapisserie dans le Porcche et le Mystère des Saints Innocents.  It is signed at the end [Jean Onimus].   


December 2014 Accession:
6. 1954

Printed French Matriculation Examination, Summer Examinations M3S of The National University of Ireland, set by Professor E. Byrne Costigan.
1 item
December 2017 Accession: previously catalogued as OPB p842.4 MOLI.C
7. 1 Oct 1954 - [1963]
Two copies of tss [lecture notes] by Eithne Byrne-Costigan entitled “Etude Sur le Bougeois Gentilhomme de Moliére”. One copy has mss annotations on p.18 with mss note on cover “Finish 20.XI.’63”), a tss bibliography of Moliére under headings ‘Texts’, ‘General Study’ and ‘Particular Study’ with mss note on front “Give copies of Bibliog. on 13 Nov.,’63”, and a postcard addressed to “Mrs Byrne, Upper Rathmines, Dublin” from [G and K] hoping that London will entertain them despite the weather as it’s a far as they’re travelling this year. The name of Ethna is mentioned within the body of the postcard. Card itself has tears along the middle of it from being folded over slightly at one stage.
4 items