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Francis S. Mahony Collection: Item Descriptions

Francis S. Mahony Collection: Item Descriptions

The Francis S. Mahony Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.    [1855]

Autographed ms of the final verse of the poem "The Bells of Shandon" by Frank Mahony, alias Father Prout. The poem is in the hand of Frank Mahony and corrects a common misprint in the poem, with the term "Kiosk, O ! " corrected to "Kiosko".


2.   10 Nov 1855

Ms letter from Peter Burke, 2 Pembroke Place, Dublin, to Miss Gould, apologising for the delay in acknowledging her letter, owing to his brother's illness, and sending a copy of his brother's book [possibly The Romance of the Aristocracy]. He discusses his plan to leave for England where he intends to return to the "pleasant agitation" of the Edmund Burke affair. He also mentions his intention to visit her rectory after he has settled into his Temple quarters and acknowledges recent information she provided concerning Cliefden. He encloses an autographed passage of "The Bells of Shandon" by Frank Mahony, alias Father Prout, which he had Mahony writer for her while in Dublin. The enclosure corrects a common misprint in the poem, with "Kiosk, O !" corrected to "Kiosko". He references the death of "that poor young lady" and the demise of the younger Mr. Dupre, and the impact the latter may have on the William Park family.
An annotation to the letter identifies Peter Brooke as the author of the life of "Edmund Burke" and brother to Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King at Arms and author of the "Peerage", "Landed Gentry", etc.


3.    13 Mar 1860

Ms letter from Peter Burke, 1 Serj. Inn, Chancery Lane, to Miss Gould requesting notes and reminiscences of the latter period of Beaconsfield for his friend Mr Timbs. He also requests an account of the rector's curious story concerning [Edmund] Burke's remains. He wishes to contradict Mr. Timbs' notion that the memorial originated with Archdeacon Bickersteth rather than the rector. He also refers to the conduct of the C. de Chambord and the Waller's on the subject of memorials and reparations. He informs her that her "Beach Leaves" has come home and that he will wait for an opportunity to deliver it by hand. He thanks her for her information concerning a school for Col. Neale's juvenile but informs her that he is to be sent to Cheltenham College. He tells her to keep the enclosed note [not extant] which has been autographed by John Timbs, author of "Things not generally known", and other works, and conveys Timbs regret that he cannot avail of her invitation to visit. He states that Mr. MacKnight is about to figure in the insolvent court.


4.    18 Aug 1869

Ms letter from J. Bernard Burke, Ulster, 3 Serjeants' Inn, Chancery Lane, London, to Miss Gould, conveying his brother's regards and regret at being unable to attend her request, but who is extremely ill and his unable to write.


5.    6 Apr 1879

Ms letter from J. Bernard Burke, Ulster, Dublin Castle, to Miss Gould, informing that his brother is in the same state that he has been for years and is unable to leave his room. He states that he has conveyed her kind remembrances to him.