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Harold Pinter/Brian Abbott Correspondence: Item Descriptions

Harold Pinter/Brian Abbott Correspondence: Item Descriptions

The Harold Pinter/Brian Abbott Correspondence has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.  Jun 1998 

Copy letter from Brian Abbott, Bishopstown Road, Cork to Tony Blair, (MP), then Prime Minister of Great Britain, sharply criticising the Labour Governments stance in Kosovo and Iraq and asking “will the Labour Government now call for Generals and Politicians who were responsible for the invasion of East Timor and the murder of 200,000 people there to be brought to justice”. He further questions British policy regarding military intervention in Yugoslavia. 


2.  n.d.

Poem by Brian Abbott ‘Smart Bombs’. Begins ‘The bombs have made their “Smart” attack/ On targets deep inside Iraq’. 


3.  2003

Extended and reworked version of the poem ‘Smart Bombs’, now titled ‘Iraq’. ‘“Smart” bombs have made a new attack/ On targets deep inside Iraq’”. 


4.  23 May 1999

Mss letter from Harold Pinter, (playwright) Campden Hill Square, London to Brian Abbott in response to a letter from Abbott enclosing copies of his poem ‘Smart Bombs’ and a letter he had written to Tony Blair (see above). “I was very pleased to hear from you. I liked your Gulf War poem very much & also admired your letter to Mr. Blair”. About the current political situation he comments “It all really stinks to high heaven, doesn’t it?”. Encloses copies of his poems ‘American Football’ (Aug 1991) and ‘Check Point Perspective’. 

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