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Peadar Ó Dubhda Collection: Item Descriptions

Peadar Ó Dubhda Collection: Item Descriptions

The Peadar Ó Dubhda Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.   5 Nov. 1945
Handwritten letter in Irish from Liam Ó Míodhacháin, Comhar-Chumann na Rinne, Teo (Ring Co-operative Society, Ltd., Co. Waterford), Railway Station, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, to Peardar Ó Dubhda, Dún Dealgain. Having remembered that he promised during their meeting after the funeral of Eoin Mhic Neill to send on some of his booklets/pamphlets, he is fulfilling his promise. He has another publication with Talbot Press but he doesn’t have a copy to send on at the moment. He writes at the end that he drew the picture on the cover of “[Cleasa ar Chartaí]” but there wasn’t a demand for it, and it is on sale now for one shilling. 


2.  [1950s – 1968]

Mss copybooks handwritten in English with some Irish phrases by Peadar Ó Dubhda recounting his early years learning Irish and some of the characters he met “Our new teacher…was a loveable little character from the Cork Gaeltacht, Taeg Ó Shea, who was brimming-over with Canon O’ Laoirey {sic} Irish, and who got each and every class in the Coisde Ceanntar district to learn off and to produce his humorous short play ‘Taeg Saor’ – our first attempt at drama in Irish”. He continues with accounts of his attending Clochaneely Irish College, who he met there, and being offered the job of teaching Irish – a “travelling teacher”. Included throughout the story are the experiences of “Fiachra”. The story is autobiographical, but is incomplete, starting from chapter XXIX p.283 – p.482 over two copybooks, with the third beginning at p.551. There are three separate titles written on the outside of the first two copybooks – “Time Tickin’ Away”, “Boy Wanted”, and “Climbing the Ladder”. The third copybook finishes with later and older handwriting and a short piece at the back on the state of the world in 1968.

121pp (copybook 1)
81pp (copybook 2)
70pp (copybook 3)