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Philip P. Graves Collection: Item Descriptions

Philip P. Graves Collection: Item Descriptions

The Philip P. Graves Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.   31 Oct 1941
Receipt of letter received sent to P.P. Graves, c/o The Times Publishing Co. Ltd., Printing House Square, E.C. 4, from A.G. Harling (H.M. Inspector of Taxes). 
2. 3 Dec 1941 – 3 Dec 1944
Invoices sent to Philip P. Graves, 24 Collingham Gardens, S.W.[9] from Louis Coen Ltd. (Turkish Tobacco and Cigarette Manufacturers and Cigar Importers), 316 Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W.1, and from W. Ive (Dispensing Chemist), 115 Gloucester Road, South Kensington. Includes two GB 1d stamps and one GB 2d stamp on one invoice. 
4 items
3. 30 Jan 1942
Typed letter from S.V. Baines (Secretary), Army & Navy Stores, Limited, 105, Vitoria Street, Westminster, S.W.1, to [Philip P. Graves], acknowledging his application to be registered for the supply of wines and spirits, and enclosing a “Points Coupon Card” (not in collection). The letter gives information on how to make orders in the future using this card, and a reminder that from 1st February 1942, the Rationing Scheme will begin and no orders can be processed without the Coupon Card accompanying the order. 
4. 27 Feb 1942
Mss note from W. Ive (Chemist), 115 Gloucester Road, South Kensington, letting Graves know an order is ready to be collected.
5. 16 – 19 March 1942 
Typed letters from Longrigg & Pye-Smith (Solicitors), 37 Gay Street, Bath, England, to Philip P. Graves, The Times, Printing House Square, London, reporting on the difficulties being experience by Mrs. Frances Louise Jefferson (the sister-in-law of Graves’ wife) who is in unoccupied France since 1940 and wishing to get to U.S.A. He encloses a copy of a letter sent by Mrs. Jefferson to Lewis & Lewis (Solicitors), Ely Place, London, (Dec 1941) explaining her situation. The final letter thanks Graves for his agreeing to facilitate getting Mrs. Jefferson to England. There are outstanding legal issues around her share of income from her father-in-law’s estate that need to be cleared. 
3 items
6. [ND]
Empty envelopes from Dobbie & Co., Limited, (Seed Growers and Nurserymen), Edinburgh, 7, Scotland, and Carters Tested Seeds, Ltd. (Seed Merchants & Farmers), Raynes Park, London, S.W., 20.
2 items