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Samuel J. Fahey Collection: Item Descriptions

Samuel J. Fahey Collection: Item Descriptions

The Samuel J. Fahey Collection has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.  [1919]

Mss letter from Samuel J. Fahey, 121 D.O.R.A., His Majesty’s Prison, Cork to Michael Whelan. He thanks him for his letter of support and those from other students “Your letter and the letters of some other pupils are an indication of that forgiving nature which is the noblest characteristic of boyhood.” He refers to his own suffering being very little compared to those who have made the supreme sacrifice of losing their lives for the freedom of their country. Fahey describes prison life and the hardest part is “the forced separation from those at home, the little ones”. Fahey also writes that imprisonment is not weakening his robust health or his spirit “In fact it conduces to make us better Catholics and better Irishmen.” Fahey reminds Whelan and the other boys of the need for them to grow up into men of sound principles which would be needed to enable them to guide the new free country. Asks for prayers for those in Prison especially those who have been in solitary confinement for fourteen days. He promises to be with them all for the last few days of the exams, mentioning he has written a compendium of Whelan's history course while in prison. Closes by asking Whelan to "remember me to all the boys" and for his sake they "work earnestly and pray earnestly for success so as to repay the kindness of their parents "who we all owe a debt under God." 


2.   [Dec. 1998]

Mss [cover note] written in Irish by Pádraig Ó Mathúna (Pharmacist, Silversmith and Goldsmith). The letter is written on headed notepaper of his home address of Caiseal Mumhan (Cashel), Thiobraid Árannin (Tipperary), which he notes was his address until December 1998 when he moved to Dún Chaoin (Dunquin), Contae Chiarraí (Co. Kerry). In it he explains the background biographical history and provenance of the letter from Samuel J. Fahey to Michael Whelan. He obtained the letter from Whelan’s housekeeper after his death in 1979, found within a book. Whelan taught Greek and Latin, and was a co-teacher of Fahey's in The Abbey School, Tipperary Town. Ó Mathuna refers to hearing from Caitríona Wandersleb, (née Crean, born in Dunboyne in 1919 to parents who were veterans of the 1916 Rising). According to her Fahey was a Primary School Inspector in Dunboyne between 1923-1926. The note is signed by Pádraig Ó Mathúna, Caiseal Mumhan, and dated "1980”.