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Current Exhibition at UCC Library: Home

The current exhibition running at UCC Library is TeaTime With The Channellers: an exhibition of work by David Tibet

TeaTime With The Channellers: an exhibition of work by David Tibet

This exhibition by UCC Library in partnership with the Department for the Study of Religions will run until 24 September 2022.

David Tibet was born in Malaysia in 1960, and lives in Hastings Old Town, England, with his Sidereal Queen Ania GoszczyƄska and their three cats, Fairy, Gef!, and Voirrey. He is the UrSource of the Hallucinatory Pop Group Current 93. His hobbies are studying and translating texts from Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew, Coptic, and Ugaritic, and also painting, feeding BirdSong, reading supernatural fiction, and rebuilding Borley Rectory.

The Exhibition is currently viewable on Q floor of the Boole Library and are open during the hours of the library.

Check the website for opening hours.

For more information on exhibitions at UCC Library check out the Special Collections and Archives section of our website

(For more information on David Tibet you can see his website or Wikipedia)