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About Us: Library Assessment

At University College Cork Library we offer innovative services, resources and spaces that align with your learning, teaching and research needs.

Library Assessment

UCC Library has been formally assessing Library Services since 1996. Many surveys have been undertaken and this data helped the Library to spot trends in service quality and to find out where scarce resources needed to be focused. 


View some of the improvements we made based on this data: 







The survey method we are currently using is the accepted international method called LIBQUAL. The LIBQUAL survey has been used at UCC Library since 2008 and the results are available below in PDF format.


The survey measures 3 aspects of Library service:

1.  Affect of Service: Assessing the attitudes and abilities of employees.
2.  Library as Place: Evaluating the Library environment and its facilities.
3.  Information Control: Can Library users navigate the Library and its resources on their own terms? ... "I want what I want, when I want it, in the format I want it in".