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Academic Integrity: Copyright

Ethics in Using Information

What is Copyright?

Legal protection which arises automatically when a work is created to protect the interests of the creator. It prevents others from using the work without permission. Copyright Law protects these rights:

  • Economic - right to receive royalties
  • Moral - to be recognised as the creator 

How long does it last?

Literary/Artistic/Film 70yrs from death of author
Computer generated works 70yrs after work made public
Sound Recordings/Broadcasts/Cable programmes/Typographical arrangements 50 yrs after making or transmission






Images have their own copyright so make sure that you credit the creator of the image.

What can I use?

Fair Dealing: You can use material for:

  • research or private study
  • criticism or review

Permission: You can always seek permission from the publisher/author.

Creative Commons (CC) Licence: Author grants permission to share and use the work in advance. This is a worldwide licence and it lasts as long as the copyright.


Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA)

UCC has a licence which allows:

Staff/students "to copy extracts from published works in which copyright subsists." but "not in connection with any commercial activity."


Up to 10% of a work or a chapter

1 article in an issue of a journal