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Celtic Studies: Special Collections

Celtic Studies: Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Breton, literature, language, linguistics, history, art, music

Guides for Special Collections

For information on Special Collections see here.

Guides on specific areas of Special Collections:

  • Early & Medieval Irish in Special Collections 
  • Using Bibliographies & Catalogues for Irish Manuscripts 

Reference Sources

Special Collections holds the following books in series:

  • Irish Texts Society
  • Scriptores Latini Hiberniae
  • Todd Lecture Series

Special Collections also holds material on:

  • Abbreviations & Names
  • Biblica
  • Cartularies
  • Catalogues & Bibliographies
  • Dictionaries, Encyclopedia & Atlases
  • Hagiography


Special Collections holds facsimiles of annals and manuscripts:

  • Annals of Inisfallen
  • Annals of Ulster
  • Book of Armagh 
  • The Book of Ballymote 
  • Books of Kells 
  • Leabhar Breac or The Speckled Book 
  • The Book of Lecan 
  • The Yellow Book of Lecan
  • Gutenberg Bible
  • Luttrell Psalter
  • Utrecht Psalter

Special Collecitions holds manuscripts on microfilm from institutions in Ireland, Europe and America.

Special Collections holds over 200 Gaelic Irish manuscripts.

Collection: Arbois de Jubainville

The Arbois de Jubainville collection consists of 304 items which are mostly books with some pamphlets. Professor Marie Henri D’Arbois de Jubainville (1827 – 1910) was a French historian and Celtic scholar in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The then University President Bertram Windle acquired the collection in 1907 for UCC. The collection contains material in French, German, Manx, Breton, Cornish, Welsh, Irish Gaelic and Scots Gaelic. Material in the collection dates from 1707 – 1918 and the subjects include Celtic studies, religious thought, antiquities and folklore. Items from the collection must be requested in advance.

Rhys, John. “The Ogam-inscribed Stones in the Collection of the Royal Irish Academy, in the Dublin Museum (with illustrations).” Dublin: University Press, 1902. 

Collection: Torna

The Torna Collection contains the books, journals and pamphlets belonging to the late Professor Tadhg Ó Donnchadha (Torna) who was Professor of Irish at University College Cork (1916 - 1944). The Torna collection contains 3000 items and contains material in: Old Irish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Cornish, Latin, Old Norse, German, French. Torna's personal collection has been supplemented by newer material in Irish. Both collections are located in the Reference Reading Room of Special Collections.

Torna's personal collection is organised by “author surname,” for example: T STOK. The newer material uses the Dewey Decimal System, for example: T 891.62 OhUI v.26.

O'Neill, Francis, ed. O'Neill's Music of Ireland: Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Melodies: Airs, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Long Dances, Marches, etc., many of which are now published for the first time. Chicago: Lyon & Healy, 1903.