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Elaine Harrington

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Elaine Harrington
Special Collections & Archives, UCC Library, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
+353 (21) 490-3484
Social: Twitter Page
As of 2019/2020 I have completed a PG Diploma for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. Part of the course asks me to consider what guides me in teaching & learning and how that can impact any person coming to Special Collections. For this I refer to Bass (1999):
1/ Which learning outcome is the one thing that students would retain from this [module] after leaving?
2/ Could I honestly say that I spent the most amount of time in the [module] teaching to the goal I valued most?

My teaching philosophy includes a commitment to sharing my current knowledge and desire to continue to learn. To this end I present at conferences and seminars.

My Guides

Cartographic Visual
Last update: Oct 7, 2021 1009 views
Creating Exhibitions
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Harry Potter
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Matters French
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Medieval Studies
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Last update: Oct 15, 2021 4315 views
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Spaces & Equipment
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Special Collections
Last update: Oct 7, 2021 2998 views
Last update: Oct 7, 2021 460 views
Last update: Sep 8, 2021 1451 views
Last update: Oct 7, 2021 739 views
Last update: Oct 7, 2021 3467 views

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