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Bibliotherapy Collection-Shelf help: Home

Bibliotherapy is the use of books for therapeutic purposes. All books listed are available through UCC Library. Some are available electronically, others in print.

How to use this Guide

The Bibliotherapy/Shelf Help Collection is available at UCC Library and Brookfield Health Sciences Library.  You can see where the book you want is located by clicking on the book icon or title.  Some books are available in print format and others are available in electronic format as eBooks.  Use the tabs above to find information on the topic you want.  If a book is available electronically, you can link to it directly from this guide.  It it is available only in print, you will find details here about where to find the book in the Library. 

When you find the print book you want, just take it to the self-issue machines in the library to check it out. 

If the book you want is out on loan, you can request it through the library catalogue and we will hold it for you when it is returned. 

Some of the books in this collection are workbooks where there are pages for you to fill in.  If you are using a workbook, you can photocopy or print the relevant pages and complete them.  

Self-help Books
Self-help books can help someone through difficult time, change behaviour and build coping skills and resilience.  They can help you understand what you're going through, feel less alone and give you direction and activities to improve your wellbeing. 

What is Bibliotherapy

Bibliotherapy is the use of books for therapeutic purposes and can be used to help you through a tough time.  The types of literature used can include: self-help books, poetry, fiction and personal stories.  It can be done on your own, with a therapist or in a group  and can be a useful start in working your way through mild and moderate feelings of depression, anxiety, panic and other mental health issues.  All the books listed here have been selected by staff from the Student Health Department & Student Counselling & Development UCC.

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