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Research Data Service: Data Management Responsibilities & Resourcing

We are a university wide resource which supports and promotes best practice in data management.

Data Management Responsibilties & Resourcing

Regardless of the size of a project it is important for effective data management to outline the roles and responsibilities clearly in a DMP and if possible identify an individual(s) responsible for implementing and regular updating of the plan. It is difficult to estimate the cost of a DMP as the complexity can vary widely from project to project.

Any estimates should encompass the totality of the work described by the DMP and include such things as tools and software dedicated to data management, payment for data storage, staff time or payment of a data steward for larger projects.  It is also important to consider any resources necessary for FAIR sharing such as repository costs if any, or extra time needed to prepare data and metadata for sharing. The costs associated with data management allowed by funding bodies in grant applications also vary so check the guidelines when applying.

The Research Data Service can help you identify and estimate any costs associated with data management, contact us or make an appointment.