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Library Re-opening

UCC Library is committed to reopening both Boole and Brookfield libraries as soon as it is safe to do so: the safety of library users and staff is the chief guiding principle. Read more about our plans and schedule for re-opening our Libraries .

Research Data Service: Training and Support

We are a university wide resource which supports and promotes best practice in data management.

Research Data Service

We are a university wide service which supports and promotes best practice in data management. The support we provide helps staff and students effectively manage their research outputs before during and after a projects. Through UCC library we offer a range of regularly scheduled training programs and workshops or we can provide tailored workshops for research groups. Browse this page for more details or contact us.

Data Management Plan Reviews

The Research Data Services can review data management plans for funding applications. This can be done remotely via email or you can make an appointment through this website, just use the button below.  For the best outcome we would request that you send us any DMP for review 5 working days in advance of a funding deadline along with some information about your project, the type of data being collected, expected outputs and who the funding body is.

Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research


The UCC Digital Badge in the Responsible Conduct of Research is offered to researchers who complete a tailored, blended learning course on responsible, reproducible researchThe digital badge aims enhance Research Integrity awareness among the research community in UCC by promoting frank discussions about responsible research. Transparent data practices are a key skill of RI and participants will also learn about the FAIR principlesgood data management practices and reproducibility. The badge is available to researchers at all levels and career stages from PhD to PI.

Related Services


Lectures and modules

Library Training Sessions 

UCC Library offers a range of sessions on practical research skills including a 1 hour introduction to Research Data Management.

PG6009 - Graduate Information Literacy Skills 

This is a 5 credit module run by UCC Library and gives postgraduate students an introduction to the principles and skills of information literacy including the FAIR principles and research data management. 

Research Skill Training Program 

UCC Research Support Services offers a suite of Research Skills Training Workshops that will be delivered to the research community during 2019. This will include a workshop on FAIR data management. 

Post-doc Development Hub 

The programme comprises a range of supports including, workshops, on-line learning, personal and professional development plans and bespoke training programmesThis years timetable includes a workshop on FAIR data management.

PG6015 Research Integrity 

This is a postgraduate module which will introduce students to the principles of responsible conduct in research and research data management and to ethical considerations applying in specific disciplines.