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Seán O'Faolain/Major Gerald Fox Collection: File Description

Seán O'Faolain/Major Gerald Fox Correspondence: File Description

The Seán O'Faolain/Major Gerald Fox correspondence has been fully catalogued and is listed below.

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1.       15 Jan 1949 – 1 Jan 1959

Mss and tss correspondence between Seán O’Faolain, Killiney, Dublin, and Major Gerald F. Fox (Town Clerk), Tenby, Wales, on the life lived by Charles Robert Newman in Tenby. Fox took a great interest in finding out as much information as he could on Newman, which was more than O’Faolain had expected and a friendship was formed between the two, e.g. “When I was re-reading the part about Tenby it evoked again all your kindness…and believe that I cherish fond memories of you both, always.” (BL/L/GF/122). Includes tss copies of articles from The Athemaeum and re-printed in The Tenby Observer on Charles Newman written by Thomas Purnell (BL/L/GF/5) (10th April 1884), as well as correspondence between Fox and anyone he felt could supply information on Newman – e.g. Arthur Leach (Tenby Local Historian & Honorary Curator), Tenby Museum; A. E. Lea, Tenby; and J.E. Thomas (City Librarian), Cardiff. Also newspaper cuttings from The Observer, and The Times Literary Supplement of reviews of O’Faoláin’s book Newman’s Way: The Odyssey of John Henry Newman (1952), as well as articles by O’Faolain from The Observer and The Listener from 1952-1954, 1958 and 1959 (BL/L/GF/118, 177-208). Also a tourist pamphlet on Ireland c.1950s (BL/L/GF/209). Also additional biographical information on Thomas Purnell who knew, and wrote “an appreciation” on, Charles Newman (BL/L/GF/84 & 111); a tss copy of the obituary of Rev. George Huntington (Rector of Tenby) from The Tenby Observer (13th April 1905) (BL/L/GF/58 & 80); a tss copy of the obituary of Charles Allen (J.P.) from The Tenby Observer (6th Nov 1884) (BL/L/GF/109); tss biographical information on Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892) (BL/L/GF/132); and tss extract from The Encyclopaedia Britannica (11th ed.) on Julius Charles Hare (1795-1855) and short entry for Augustus John Cuthbert Hare (1834-1903) (BL/L/GF/100). Also description of the Saltern cottages, Tenby, where Charles Newman lived when in Tenby (BL/L/GF/69).

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