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Chemistry: Getting Started


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RSC MedChemComm

From January 2020, this journal will be known as RSC Medicinal Chemistry. 
All papers published in MedChemComm will remain permanently available on RSC publishing platform, and discoverable in Web of Science, Scopus and PubMed.


Did You Know

Unique chemical safety research portal developed in collaboration with Stanford University Libraries!

Chemists consulting materials safety data sheets or safety data sheets (MSDS/SDS) discover that they often have “NA” or not available for physical properties that they need for their lab work. Deep Web Technologies has worked with Grace Baysinger, Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library at Stanford University, to develop a unique research portal focused on chemical safety.

They have also developed a public version of the Chemical Safety Research Portal that is available to test-drive at:

Chem Safety Deep Web access

This public site searches a subset of the sources from Stanford site as DWT is not able to search subscription sources through their public site. Please test-drive the public version of Chemical Safety Research Portal and email your feedback to

To mark the 175th anniversary in 2016, the RSC is asking its members and supporters around the world to give 175 minutes of their time to chemistry Connect Here 

Getting Started

This introductory guide provides information on key sources in Chemistry including 

  • where to locate e-books and e-journals on Chemistry
  • Chemistry databases on the Database portal
  • avoiding plagiarism and citing properly

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