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UCC Library Sustainability: Projects

Information on UCC Library's Sustainability Campaign.

New Initiatives

The Library E-Bikes

Library Electric Bike

The Library E-Bikes were funded out of the Library’s energy savings and will be freely available to Library staff to use during the day, whether it’s to pop into town, to go to the Library stores or to go to one of our Branch Libraries.

(We must give a shout out to our recently retired colleague Ann Byrne who was instrumental in turning UCC Library into a Green Library.)

It is also hoped that the staff will take the opportunity to trial the E-bikes to determine if they are suitable mode of transport for them to get to / from work.

With staff commuting accounting for 5% of the Universities carbon footprint the 
@uccgreencampus team are hoping that E-bikes provide a viable commuting option for a large portion of a staff.

The Green Campus E-bike trial has seen over 100 staff members trial E-bikes and a number of staff members have ditched the car and switched to E-bikes. Hopefully the Library E-bikes can encourage some of the Library staff to make the transition as well.

Some interesting facts around the E-bikes.
- A full battery charge costs around 6 cent and will provide you with enough energy to cover 80 km of assisted cycling.
- The amount of energy to travel 1,300 KM in an e-car will give you 27,000 KM of assisted cycling

The Green Wall

green plants arranged vertically

The Green Wall in the Quad Reading Room (Fishbowl) was installed in June 2018 by local Cork company Greenveldt Ltd., who continue to maintain it.  Paid for from savings made as part of the Saver Saves Scheme, this vertical garden, full of growing plants, has brought nature into this indoor environment. It improves air quality by absorbing C02 and reduces noise through absorption.  It contributes to a more positive and healthy space for students particularly at exam time, when the room is heavily used. 

Past Projects

New Gumdrop machine at the entrance to the Boole Library

Gumdrop Ltd., founded by Anna Bullus in 2009, is the first company in the world to recycle and process chewing gum into a range of new compounds that can be used in the rubber and plastics industry.

Gum-tec® is used to manufacture the Gumdrop and Gumdrop on-the-go, pink receptacles, like the one in the photo.

Once the Gumdrop is full, the whole Gumdrop along with its contents of waste gum is recycled and processed to manufacture new Gumdrops.

Read Cork News-Live article about this and other initiatives.

Students from UCC Green Campus and UCC Environmental Society setting up the new Book Swap Stop just inside Boole library.  



Compost & Crisp Packet bins on the ground floor

UCC Environmental Society asked if we would have a recycling bin in the Library for Crisp packets. Of course we said yes.

An organisation called Terrycycle supply these bins and collect them when full.

Library Sustainability Survey,  April 2019

On Thursday 18, April just before the Easter break, we asked our students to fill in a grid on our interactive Jamboard,  in response to a number of questions about our sustainability campaign. Results can be seen here.

chart with results of survey questions


Suggestions/Comments Board

Our LOL suggestions board on the ground floor allows library users to leave comments and suggestions. 

We do our best to act on these suggestions where we can.