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UCC Library Sustainability: Transport

Information on UCC Library's Sustainability Campaign.

The Electric Library Van

When the time came to replace our Library diesel van the decision was made to use savings from our energy saving measures to purchase an Electric Van as a replacement.

The vehicle chosen was a Renault Kangoo ZE. It has up to 200km range, a 33kWh battery, 4600 liters load volume and a load capacity of 625kgs.

The Kangoo arrived in July 2019 and has been serving us well ever since.

  • Zero emissions
  • Reduction in noise pollution
  • Fuel savings
  • Lower Maintenance Costs


The Library E-Bikes

The Library E-Bikes were funded out of the Library’s energy savings and will be freely available to Library staff to use during the day, whether it’s to pop into town, to go to the Library stores or to go to one of our Branch Libraries.

It is also hoped that the staff will take the opportunity to trial the E-bikes to determine if they are suitable mode of transport for them to get to / from work.

With staff commuting accounting for 5% of the Universities carbon footprint the @uccgreencampus team are hoping that E-bikes provide a viable commuting option for a large portion of a staff.

The Library currently has 2 Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 Sport electric bikes. Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 Sport

Ebikes Gallery

Library Electric Bike